Small Cowboys

Small Cowboys


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For years there was harmony and good country music, in the Land of Small Cowboys. It was indeed a nice place where the Small Cowboys enjoyed many hot Tacos, Apple Juice and Riches of golden Stones in abundance. Then one day a poor old Man named G. MacOppa, with a golden tooth, came into this fruitful land and right away he befriended the Small Cowboys.
The Small Cowboys was so happy about their new friend, that they decided to celebrate MacOppas arrival with a big Taco festival.
But too late did The Small Cowboys learn that this old poor man was up to no good.

The next morning after the great Tacos festival, the Small Cowboys woke up to a surprise. No Tacos, no Apple Juice and no Glitter Stones it was all gone.

When the Small Cowboys went to see if their new friend was okay. They found that their new best friend was gone. All that was left was a note:
with the Signature of the meanest villian in all of the West. The infamous BanditKing, The Golddigger. The Small Cowboys realised that they had lost all to the Villian, who lives on the top of the Mountain of Gold and Diamonds.
The Small Cowboys knew that nobody had ever gotten a single piece of cobber by asking the Golddigger nicely. So the Small Cowboys decided that the bravest in the Land of Small Cowboys should fight their way into Bandit Land and get back their Gold, Apple Juice and most importantly their delicious Taco.

So the Bravest of Small Cowboys settled their tiny horses, loaded their Suction Cup Guns and rode out into the Wild to restore the balance in the Land of Small Cowboys and get back what was rightfully theirs.

This group lead by Joe Herow are known as… Joe Herow and the Raskalls.

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